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Try before you buy! This download contains a reduced functionality Skymet version that nonetheless will enable you to fully explore the various features in the program.

Complete user manual included in the download! Does not include application support!
Click to download Skymet Download Skymet 2.0 DEMO version (1.0 MB)

System Requirements:
• Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
• Microsoft .NET Framework 4
• Internet connection for downloading of METAR data
Demo version limitations:
• Maximum 2 secondary maps
• Maximum 9 stations per map (except World map)
• Maximum four stickers per sticker XML
• The word "DEMO" is printed across each generated image
• Copyright string will always read "Astrogenic Systems"
What you get when purchasing the full version:
• Fully functional Skymet software
• XMLGen utility for quick configuration of your maps
• Free Skymet upgrades
• Software support
• No "DEMO" message and customizable copyright string

For full Skymet specifications please see 
Third party software
Various third party NexStorm add-ons and software packages that support displaying of NexStorm data. For software support please contact the respective authors.
TRAC Graphic   By Tom Chaplin
A web based add-on to Nexstorm's TRAC Report, the TRAC Graphic takes the location of storm cells in the report and maps them to a graphic for display on a website.

Note: This add-on requires PHP to function.
Download link:
NSList   By SonotaCo
NexStorm IPC strike information client with logging options
Download link:
Weather Display
Weather station software with integrated support for NexStorm IPC, including graphs, email notification options and real time lightning activity display on a map
Discharge   By DaniŽl van Os
Free NexStorm archive analysis software, will automatically generate reports in HTML format and comes with built in FTP upload capability. A "must have" for the serious NexStorm user!
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