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NexStorm logo

NexStorm is a Microsoft Windows lightning detection software for the Boltek Corporation line of single point long range lightning detection systems.

NexStorm main window user interface

Seamlessly combined advanced data analysis and Internet publishing features makes NexStorm the most versatile software package for low cost lightning detection applications.

Accurate thunderstorm locating with lightning cluster detection and tracking, extensive analysis capabilities, data exporting capabilities and a professionally designed user interface makes our software the number one choice for most lightning detection enthusiasts and organizations around the world.

Partial screenshot of NexStorm in action

For dynamic and near real-time lightning data presentation on the Internet, NexStorm alongside its companion software StormVue V3 is, simply put, an unbeatable combination.

System requirements and features

Analysis features

TRAC targets and thunderstorm characteristics pop-up dialog

TRAC report dialog

Lightning density plot in Replay mode shows concentration of lightning and storm motion over time

Sound and alarm features

Data exporting


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