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NexStorm Lite is a scaled down version of NexStorm lightning detection software for Boltek Corporation line of single point long range lightning detection systems.

NexStorm Lite main window user interface

This software is the official, Boltek endorsed replacement for their StormTracker, LD-250 and LD-350 lightning display software and is now being distributed with all Boltek lightning detectors

Partial screenshot of NexStorm Lite in action

NexStorm Lite is freeware and packs many of the advanced analysis and display features as well as the same accurate storm tracking algorithms found in the standard edition of NexStorm. It does not include any data sharing or Internet connectivity features, nor any of the bonus software included with NexStorm.

Downloads - Current NexStorm Lite version:

Download NexStorm Lite with Boltek StormTracker PCI 32 bit device drivers
Download NexStorm Lite with Boltek StormTracker PCI 64 bit device drivers

⚠️ Boltek LD-250/350 device drivers available separately. Users of LD-250/350 can download either 32 or 64 bit version and skip installing PCI drivers during setup. NexStorm Lite is a 32 bit application and will work on 64 bit systems as well

System requirements and features

Analysis features

TRAC storm cell tracking and analysis

TRAC report dialog

Sound and alarm features


To get the full set of features including data sharing, consider buying 👉 NexStorm advanced version 👈

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