Astrogenic NexStorm - User Registration Privacy Policy

We collect and store certain personal information (Name and E-mail) for the sole purpose of creating a user account.

The account enables a customer to access password protected pages on our website where paid versions and upgrades for our NexStorm software can be downloaded.

The collected data is stored in secure databases and only accessible by trusted employees at Astrogenic. The information is never sold to third parties nor used for any kind of personalized or mass marketing purposes, e-mailing lists or similar.

You can at any time elect to have your account and personal data deleted. Please note that doing so will also revoke your rights to access our password protected download pages, effectively making it impossible to upgrade NexStorm software to the latest releases.

To request account deletion please open a support ticket and include the e-mail address you used when registering your NexStorm serial number.

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