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Extend your live NexStorm lightning data to the web, receive alert push notifications on your mobile and more!

StormVue V3 is an evolution of StormVue NGX and our latest flagship data sharing software suite for NexStorm. Four applications and a support PHP script are included:

While the main purpose of StormVue V3 is live lightning data visualization on the web, it also includes several other features that can be useful in different types of use cases:

✅ Close lightning alarm e-mail and Telegram push notifications
✅ NexStorm polar coordinates to Lat/Long conversion
✅ Real-time data to JSON format replication
✅ SQLite3 database archiving

⭐ StormVue GEN-3 advanced web display client leverages cutting edge web technology with hardware accelerated graphics to provide for unparallelled performance and user experience.

⭐ The web display is fully interactive with user selectable map zoom, display modes, replay, sound settings and customizable close alarm. These features ensure that your website audience stays informed about ongoing and potentially hazardous lightning activity in your area.

Feel out StormVue GEN-3 on our demo page
Please note this is a user interface demo page with no live data!

⭐ StormVue GEN-3 is a Javascript application that uses WebGL libraries for superefficient hardware accelerated graphics rendering. Live lightning data is sourced from the Data Server application which runs alongside NexStorm on Windows.

⭐ In StormVue GEN-3 - Storm display mode, the new VirtuaCB™ feature will render mini-Cumulonimbus clouds on tracked thunderstorm locations and emulate real world in-cloud and cloud to ground lightning as it is detected by NexStorm.

⭐ The Data Server runs alongside NexStorm and will continuously upload the most recent lightning data to the Internet or a shared network location, enabling a fast 4 second update rate.

⭐ A new Data Server upload mode and the included vortex.php processing script provides a more secure uploading alternative to FTP. Vortex.php can optionally also serve data to StormVue GEN-3 app. (requires PHP support on website)

⭐ With StormVue V3 you can track and analyze lightning online as it happens!

Try out StormVue version 3 now! -- Evaluate for 21 days - no limitations and no strings attached. To continue using after the evaluation period has expired simply purchase a license and activate StormVue Data server to remove the trial time limitation.

Download fully functional evaluation version here!
🛡️ You can safely click through Windows SmartScreen warnings when downloading and installing. We guarantee 100% virus and malware free software! (VirusTotal scan)

⭐Your website users have complete freedom to set up their individual StormVue GEN-3 user interface preferences. All user configurable settings are saved locally on the user's PC and reloaded on their next visit.

⭐With the release of StormVue NGX version 2.0 a new web display client, StormStation 5 was introduced. A bit less interactive than StormVue GEN-3 but great for tracking lightning on mobile devices using high quality third party maps.

StormStation 5 is built on top of the open source Leaflet.js mapping library. A number of different background map styles are available in the default configuration and additional styles can be added easily.

Comments from a few StormVue users:

💬We have been running the current version of StormVue without a hitch here in Tulsa, OK. We have very active storms and the software, coupled with the LD-350 has been FANTASTIC! Everyone raves about it here at our facility. - M.S.

💬I installed this, not even really knowing what it was. But I am glad I did. Great work! - D.B.

💬I'm getting good comments from my users of StormVue. An excellent piece of software. - N.P.

💬Your products show your efforts and are most excellent. Please keep up the great work. - W.S.

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⚠️ Note on upgrading from earlier versions
Existing users can upgrade free of charge by downloading and installing the demo version. Please ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements described on the associated online help page.

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