NexStorm Lite is a scaled down version of NexStorm™, the Microsoft® Windows® lightning detection interface application for Boltek™ Corporation line of lightning detectors.

This software is the official, Boltek endorsed replacement for their StormTracker, LD-250 and LD-350 lightning display software and is now being distributed with all Boltek lightning detectors.

NexStorm Lite is freeware and packs many of the advanced analysis and display features as well as the same accurate storm tracking algorithms found in the standard edition of NexStorm™. It does not include any data sharing or Internet connectivity features, nor any of the bonus software which are included with NexStorm™.

Be sure to check out the additional features and benefits you will get by upgrading to NexStorm™ standard edition.

Install.gif NexStorm Lite™ for 32 bit Windows   (4.8 MB)
Install.gif NexStorm Lite™ for 64 bit Windows   (3.2 MB)
Version release notes - February 15, 2012
• This release adds support for Boltek LD-350. NexStorm Lite is compatible with Windows Vista and 7 32 and 64 bit versions. Please download the appropriate installer for your Windows version

• During installation the Boltek PCI device driver setup program will start automatically. If you have not previously used StormTracker PCI on the PC where you are installing NexStorm Lite, you must install this device driver when prompted or your lightning detector will not work

• If you already have the StormTracker PCI system installed and working, or are using Boltek LD-250, LD-350 or StormTracker ISA lightning detectors, you may skip the PCI device driver installation step

• If you are upgrading from an earlier NexStorm Lite release you can install this package over your existing installation. There is no need to uninstall the older version first or to reinstall an already working device driver

Changes in this release
• Support added for Boltek's new LD-350 USB lightning detector model
• Redesigned strike type distribution table (now same as NexStorm standard edition)
• Range rings setup and rendering (now same as NexStorm standard edition)
• Optional close strike alarm that can alert you of the presence of sporadic close strikes
• Various minor bugfixes

For software support, visit our support forum

User Interface and Presentation
  • Professionally designed and intuitive graphical user interface. After installation your system will be detecting lightning within minutes!

  • No nonsense presentation of data - The main window displays lightning data statistics in a clear and concise manner, without irrelevant information that will clutter up the screen.

  • Quick access to different parts of the program through extensive use of shortcut keys and interactive (clickable) main window.

Analysis features
  • TRAC (Thunderstorm Ranging and ACquisition) - Intelligent sub-process for ranging and tracking of individual storm cells. Features tagged, color coded storm cell target plots on the map and high locating accuracy of individual storm cells

  • A TRAC report dialog which contains detailed statistical information about each storm cell that the software is currently tracking.

  • Highly accurate classification of CG and IC stroke types and polarities for Boltek ISA and PCI type detectors, using signal processing algorithms based on latest research findings in the field of lightning physics science

  • First-rate close storm distance ranging. Average storm location accuracy inside 30 km (18 mi) distance radius for a well calibrated system is less than ±5 km (±3.1 mi), thanks to the sophisticated Noise Ranging Assist feature

  • First-rate overall storm distance ranging - as accurate as you will get with a single sensor lightning detection system!

  • A symbol generator with 27 different strike symbols which can be drawn in a multitude of colors and different sizes, provides for more flexibility than you'll ever need

  • Color coded display of aged data. Strikes aged up to 300 minutes can be displayed on the map and color coded in seven different colors representing time interval of occurrence

  • A strike history color code legend can optionally be superimposed on to the map. The legend will automatically adjust itself to reflect your current configuration settings

  • Optional Uncorrelated strikes filter will eliminate sporadic strike plots from the map, making the information much more readable during intense lightning activity. No data is discarded with this filter (or ever, for that matter)! Other products have degraded detection efficiency because of discarding data that doesn't fit certain parameters. NexStorm Lite will detect and track even the weakest storms!

  • Configurable 5 to 120 minute type differentiated strike rate trend graph, offering normal or stacked mode data presentation with optional curve smoothing

  • Display range up to 1200 kilometers (750 miles) radius. Actual detection efficiency at distances greater than 500 km (300 mi) will depend on antenna mounting height and location relative elevated terrain or tall buildings. May also vary with daily and seasonal variations in atmospheric conditions

  • Range zoom function from 1200km (750mi) down to 25km (16mi)

  • Special LD-250 operating mode which relays information from any NMEA compatible GPS or other device that is connected to your LD-250 lightning detector. While you are chasing storms, your current heading, speed and altitude are displayed in real time on the NexStorm Lite user interface. Also included is a resettable trip odometer and "satellites in view" indicator. LD-250 specific features have been extensively tested on the road under actual storm chasing conditions!

  • Optional on-map heading indicator available when an NMEA compatible GPS or compass is connected to the LD-250

  • Concurrently running Replay that does not affect the live lightning detection. The Replay has a continuous mode, which can replay the last 30 or 60 minutes of the current hour, or archive mode where older archives are loaded into memory and replayed within a time interval that you specify. The Replay feature is also perfectly suited for distance ranging calibrations of your system

Sound and alarm features
  • Configurable, audible Close storm alarm, General severe storm alarm, and Severe storm cell alarm

  • Configurable strike event alert and noise event sound

  • Use PC speaker generated sounds (32 bit Windows only) or sampled WAVE sounds for alerts and alarms.

  • The strike alert sound can be set to not trigger for lightning activity occurring outside a specific range

Core functionality
  • NexStorm Lite is officially supported on Windows Vista/7/8 but will run on any Windows version. Minimum requirements are same as for the installed operating system. For optimal performance we recommend Windows 7 or 8, 32 or 64 bit.

  • Supports the full line of Boltek detectors, including StormTracker PCI, LD-250 and LD-350

  • Multi-threaded design with ridiculously low CPU usage, even during the most intense thunderstorm activity.

  • On multi-core processors, NexStorm Lite will by default only execute on one core, thereby freeing up remaining cores for other tasks. All while maintaining the astonishingly low CPU usage.

    for other tasks, all while maintaining the astonishingly low CPU usage - it's that efficient!

  • Highly optimized and efficient memory management for 24/7/365 trouble free operations on any system. No need to fiddle with the program to keep it running, or to perform daily system reboots. NexStorm Lite is rock steady and will easily run for thousands of hours unattended!

  • Continuous data archiving for later replay, analysis and calibration

  • The archive "Move upon completion" feature allows for automatic relocation of finalized daily archives to a different folder

  • Use any BMP or JPEG image as your background map...

  • ...or purchase the very affordable Composite Vector Map for optimal presentation of your lightning data. Each CVM map is custom made, centered and projected on your location.

    A CVM map will always cover the entire NexStorm Lite view range and can be reused in NexStorm™ standard edition if you decide to upgrade!

  • Each map zoom level allows the use of one custom map scaled and adapted for that particular range. By using this feature with your own background maps, you can avoid the dreaded pixelation artefacts which will normally show up when a raster based image is over-magnified

  • Antenna polar alignment correction, plus or minus 90° angular offset with one degree azimuthal resolution. Also includes X-Y swap for complete reversal. You can mount your Boltek™ receiver antenna pointed in any direction and compensate for the offset from North via NexStorm Lite settings. The change is instantaneous and visible on the map while you are adjusting

  • Three ranging calibration methods, from the instantaneous, quick-and-dirty Plot Scale Adjustment to the more complex General Ranging adjustment and the sectionalized Ranging Kernel, gives you full control over the distance ranging calibration process. Additionally, the Night time ranging upshift with its built in sunrise/sunset calculator provides a dynamic ranging adjustment method which can be used to compensate for the nightly ionospheric D-layer changes and subsequent too close ranging of distant thunderstorms during night time

  • Lightning data archives, CVM maps and most configuration settings are fully transferable to NexStorm™ standard edition

Software support
  • As the majority of our users will attest to, we offer a first class software support! In the extremely unlikely event that you stumble upon a problem with our software, we will normally start investigating - and most likely find a solution - within 24 hours after receiving your report. Additionally, our support forum with its hundreds of experienced NexStorm™ users contains a wealth of information and is available around the clock.

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