Close Strike Alarm

The Close Strike Alarm dialog is opened by pressing shortcut key CTRL+C or via menu Options->Configuration and selecting the Alarm settings tab.


Close alarm settings enable you to configure when the StormVue Data Server internal close lightning alarm will trigger. The close alarm is tied to alert messaging and if this feature is also enabled and the alarm triggers, it will send an alert e-mail and/or Telegram push notification to one or more recipients.



Distance units - allows you to choose between kilometers and miles for distance measurement. The selected units will also be used when reporting distances in alert e-mails and to external devices (see Hardware interfacing).


Close strike alarm range - Sets the radius of the close alarm. Lightning strikes occurring within this range are considered close.


minimum rate/m - Option to set a minimum strike rate per minute for close strikes. This makes it possible to ignore spurious false strikes as the alarm will not trigger until the strike rate level goes above the set value.


All clear watch period - How many minutes with no lightning activity should elapse before an all clear e-mail message is sent. No activity is defined as a strike rate of 0 strikes per minute.


Send Strike alert message - Enables or disables sending of e-mail alerts.


Send All clear message - Enables or disables sending of All clear messages. If Send Strike alert message is disabled then All clear messages will not be sent either.


👉 NOTE! E-mail server settings must be configured for any type of e-mail to be sent. Likewise, a Telegram bot must be set up for Telegram push notifications to be sent and delivered.