Data Server


The StormVue Data Server is a Windows .NET application and is installed automatically when you run the installation program.


For Microsoft support libraries that are required for this program to run correctly, please see Prerequisites page.



Basic configuration of the Data Server entails entering information about your data upload target server, customizing upload flow parameters which controls how frequently the Data Server will perform uploads, and lastly setting your geographical location coordinates and the type of lightning detector you are using.


Optional configuration involves enabling database storage, configuring the close strike alarm with alert e-mailing and Telegram options, or configuring and connecting to an external device. Each of these steps are described in detail in this manual.


Available as of version 3.1 the user interface can be changed to a dark theme. Select Options menu/Dark theme or use shortcut key CTRL+M to switch. Changing back to the standard Light theme is done in the same way.