This page discusses new features in StormVue version 3. At the bottom you will find a download link.


⚡ The updated Data Server desktop application will now upload JSON formatted data as default, replacing the previous default plain-text data format that was used by the retired StormVue NGX Adobe Flash web display client.


⚡ Version 3 includes a a new PHP script called vortex.php that can replace FTP uploads entirely as well as make the uploading process much more secure by utilizing encrypted data transfers over HTTPS. The Data Server has an additional Data transfer mode dedicated for this purpose.


⚡ Setting up Telegram push notifications has been made easier with the Destination ID auto-fill option.


⚡ On the web end, StormVue GEN-3 display client is replacing the NGX Flash display client.


⚡ Utilizing modern browser features such as WebGL hardware accelerated graphics, live data rendering performance has never been smoother than with StormVue GEN-3.


Try it!

You can download and try out StormVue right now! This release will install in a separate folder so if you have an old StormVue installation it will not be affected. Note, however, that the two versions share settings so changing a setting in one will also change that same setting in the other. Please avoid running both versions at the same time!


The installer download includes StormVue Data Server version 3, the new vortex.php script and the StormVue GEN-3 web display client.


⭐⭐⭐ Download by clicking here! ⭐⭐⭐


(We guarantee 100% virus free software. You can safely ignore Windows SmartScreen warnings!)