Migrating from NGX to StormVue GEN-3

1. Download and install StormVue version 3.

2. In Windows Start menu, Astrogenic Systems shortcut group, locate and click Skymet V3 web files shortcut.

3. Upload the entire stormvue folder to your website or web server.

4. Copy your existing StormVue NGX data/ and maps/ directories (including contents) to the stormvue directory. The stormvue directory contents on your website should now look like this:



5. The StormVue GEN-3 app configuration is in JSON format so a conversion of the old stormvue.xml configuration file is required as the old configuration file is XML based. Here is how to easily convert your existing configuration to JSON format

  1. Open this link in your web browser: https://www.convertjson.com/xml-to-json.htm
  2. Enter the URL to your existing stormvue.xml file on your website. You can also copy-paste stormvue.xml contents into the textbox or upload the XML file using the 'Choose file' button.
  3. Save the converted data as config.json

🔥 TIP! To facilitate editing and avoid breaking JSON formatting or introducing syntactical errors, it is strongly recommended to use an online JSON editor such as https://jsoneditoronline.org


6. Open config.json in an editor and change all occurrences of absolute map and data paths to relative paths. For example, you should change:


"_path": "http://yourwebsite.com/svng/maps/mps_100.png",


"_path": "maps/mps_100.png",



Don't forget to also update the data path to a relative path!


"strikedata_path": "http://yourwebsite.com/svng/data/",


"strikedata_path": "data/",


👉 NOTE! If you omit converting to relative paths the app may have trouble loading maps and data due to cross-domain policy restrictions, depending on which URL you access it by. Relative paths ensure that maps and data can be loaded irrespective of if the site is accessed with or without 'www' prefix, or using HTTP or HTTPS protocol.


7. Upload the edited config.json to the stormvue/cfg/ subdirectory on your website or web server.


8. In StormVue Data Server version 3, change FTP Settings->Target directory to point to your new stormvue/data/ subdirectory. Click Stop then Start button to allow the change to take effect.


9. Open your StormVue GEN-3 index.html page in a web browser and enjoy!



If the app doesn't load make sure your computer has a GPU (graphics card that supports OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics) and that you are using a modern web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome or FireFox.


🔥 TIP! Press F12 key while in your web browser and look under Console output for errors or other clues on what might have gone wrong. If you need assistance visit our support forum and start a new topic. Describe your problem and always include a link to your web page plus any relevant info from the Console output.


👽 Please observe that our support does not cover teaching HTML, generic web site configuration subjects or design issues. There are numerous online resources available that can help you learn HTML, JSON and other relevant topics.