Other settings




Reset button

Resets the 'Total upload errors' counter.


Detector model

Set this to the correct type of Boltek detector that you are using. This parameter is shown online in StormVue GEN-3 app and also used by StormStation 5 NGX for presenting statistical graphs and on-map lightning symbols.


Latitude and Longitude input

For each lightning strike received from NexStorm, the Data Server will convert the bearing/distance data into geographic coordinates. In order for this conversion to be made correctly you must enter your station location coordinates in Degrees Decimal format in these two fields. The provided coordinates should have a minimum precision of two decimal places, three or four is even better.


💾 Remember to always save settings - Ctrl+S or menu option File->Save settings!


View event log button

Opens a new window where Data Server events and error messages are logged. The Event log is useful for detecting problems and also includes a Save log to textfile button that enables you to save the log output to a file on disk.