StormVue GEN-3 Setup Wizard


StormVue Data server version 3.1 introduces a setup wizard to facilitate first time configuration of the StormVue GEN-3 web app for online use.


To run the wizard, select StormVue GEN-3 Setup Wizard from the Data server Help menu.



The only prerequisite is that a set of PNG format background maps (one or more) have been created beforehand. This is straightforward to do in NexStorm if you have the CVM vector map option installed. Please refer to NexStorm user manual page 16 and the Map snapshot feature for details. When exporting background maps make sure to select PNG format and an appropriate image size for your web page design boundaries. All map images in a set must have the same width and height!


During the various wizard steps you will be able to configure several StormVue GEN-3 settings such as location coordinates, time and distance units and colors to your liking.



The wizard will automatically configure background maps and auto-detect image sizes.



As a final step you are presented with the option to test your StormVue GEN-3 configuration using a built-in mini web server. This can help you determine that the app display looks like expected and that everything works correctly before you upload the app to your website.



You can re-run the wizard as many times as needed until you have achieved the desired results.


While the wizard will assist you in configuring all essential StormVue GEN-3 settings we do, however, strongly recommend that you also learn the intricacies of the underlying JSON configuration file for complete control over your web application's appearance.