StormVue GEN-3 web configuration


The StormVue GEN-3 web app configuration file is named config.json and resides in the cfg/ subdirectory.


Various options are set by editing and changing contents of this file. A clean default configuration file clean_config.json is included in the distribution. You can use this as a starting point and edit it to add your custom settings.


After editing, the file must be renamed to config.json (remove 'clean_' in filename) and uploaded to your website where StormVue GEN-3 app resides, normally stormvue/cfg/ directory.


The included default file contents are shown below followed by descriptions of each option.


Note that each setting and its value are enclosed in double-quotes.


๐Ÿ”ฅ TIP! To facilitate editing and avoid breaking JSON formatting or introducing syntactical errors, it is strongly recommended to use an online JSON editor such as


Contents of clean_config.json:


  "distance_units": "km",
  "time_format": "24HR",
  "distance_rings": "5",
  "ring_color": "0x888888",
  "label_color": "0xCCCCCC",
  "centercross_color": "0xFFFF00",
  "rings_alpha": "0.75",
  "alarm_ring_color": "0xFF0000",
  "sensor_latitude": "0.0",
  "sensor_longitude": "0.0",
  "location_name": "๐ŸชSaturn, The Solar System, ©2021 Astrogenic",
  "maplist": {
    "map": [
      "_path": "maps/mps_100.png",
      "_range": "100"
      "_path": "maps/mps_200.png",
      "_range": "200"
      "_path": "maps/mps_400.png",
      "_range": "400"
      "_path": "maps/mps_600.png",
      "_range": "600"
      "_path": "maps/mps_800.png",
      "_range": "800"
      "_path": "maps/mps_1000.png",
      "_range": "1000"
  "symbol_file": "./assets/symsheet.png",
  "symbol_alpha_new": "0.8",
  "symbol_alpha_old": "0.2",
  "strikedata_path": "data",
  "ld250_mode": "false",
  "coord_conversion": "standard"


Options descriptions:


"km" (kilometers) or "mi" (statue miles). All subsequently entered distances are assumed to be in the distance unit configured here.
"24HR" or "12HR" (with AM/PM).
Number of distance rings.
Distance ring color.

๐Ÿ‘‰ NOTE! Colors are provided as hexadecimal numbers 0xRRGGBB (0x=hex number, RR=red, GG=green, BB=blue).  You can find suitable colors and convert to hexadecimal notation here: Color Hex Color Codes.

Always replace the pound sign (HTML hex color code notation) with '0x' (Javascript hex notation). For example, HTML color yellow #FFFF00 becomes 0xFFFF00.

Distance label color.
Center cross color.
Transparency of rings, labels and center cross. 0.0 is transparent while 1.0 is opaque.
Alarm ring color.
Geographical location coordinates in Degrees Decimal format. This must match the latitude and longitude that you configured in StormVue Data Server.
The text you put here will appear at the bottom left side of the display. Unicode special characters and emojis (Emojipedia) are supported.
Denotes start of "map" array which can contain multiple entries. Each array item includes a path to a background map image and the range (radius) this background map represents. This data is subsequently used when zooming the StormVue GEN-3 map in and out.
URI (relative path) to background map image.
The range (radius) of the map. Remember to use distance units matching the setting "distance_units".
The map array list should be ordered so that the map with the smallest radius is at top and the map with the largest radius is at the bottom. This will yield correct ordering for the app map zoom feature.
Relative path and filename of PNG image containing lightning symbols. These symbols will be used to plot lightning strikes on the StormVue GEN-3 map. Currently there are two options available, symsheet.png and symsheet2.png. Both are located in the assets/ subdirectory and can be opened and viewed  in an image editor.
"symbol_alpha_new", "symbol_alpha_old"
Not used, reserved for future use.
Relative path to subdirectory containing the two lightning data JSON files - ngxdata.json and ngxarchive.json. This is the same directory where StormVue Data Server on your PC is configured to upload data to.

๐Ÿ‘‰ NOTE! This option can alternatively be set to point to vortex.php script. For more details see here.


Set to "true" or "false". If true, enables LD-250 display mode which means that all lightning plots will use the same symbol. Statistical data is not differentiated in LD-250 display mode.
"standard" or "precision". Precision mode yields slightly more accurate lightning plot locations at distances far away from the sensor by compensating for the spherical shape of Earth when mapping geographical positions to a 2D surface (map). Standard option will match NexStorm map plots exactly whereas precision option will cause plot positions to deviate slightly from those shown on the NexStorm map.