StormVue V3 Release notes

This page lists major software changes made in version 3.0


Data server V3

- Removed generating and uploading of plain text data files, previously used by StormVue NGX Flash applet

- JSON data format exporting is now implicitly enabled and used by default

- Added PHP Script upload mode as an alternative to FTP and File copy

- Added Telegram Destination ID autofill to facilitate setting up Telegram push notifications

- Added additional license pre-activation file system checks to reduce issues with Windows Defender


StormVue NGX Adobe Flash web display app

- Removed from installation package and replaced by StormVue GEN-3



- New website PHP script that processes, stores and serves lightning data. Intended for use in conjunction with the new Data Server V3 PHP Script upload mode.


StormStation 5 NGX

- No feature changes

- Removed from base installation package and made available for download via menu option in Data Server Help menu.