Vortex setup

Setting up for using vortex.php instead of FTP is simple and consists of only a few steps.


In StormVue Data Server version 3



1. Set a passkey (password). This can be the same password as for your FTP login or an entirely different password.


2. Enter the URL to where vortex.php script is located. By default the script resides in the stormvue subdirectory. Use HTTPS protocol if available, otherwise HTTP.


3. Change Data transfer mode to PHP script. Note that all settings not relevant to this specific mode are now disabled. If StormVue Data Server is currently uploading data, click Stop then Start button, otherwise click Start.



In vortex.php script


1. Edit vortex.php (stormvue subdirectory) in a text editor and find line 34 which looks like this:


$passKey = 'yourPasskey';


2. Change yourPasskey to match the passkey that you entered in step 1 above while configuring StormVue Data Server.


3. Save your change and make sure that the edited vortex.php is uploaded back to your website and the stormvue subdirectory.


Optional: Have vortex.php serve lightning data to StormVue GEN-3 app


👉 NOTE! This step is optional as the two required JSON datafiles ngxdata.json and ngxarchive.json are still generated by the script and available to web applications as before. Having vortex.php serve data can, however, drastically reduce or eliminate data file read locks so generally it is recommended to use this option if possible.


1. Edit stormvue/cfg/config.json and change the data path to point to vortex.php:



"strikedata_path": "data/",



"strikedata_path": "vortex.php",