StormStation 5 NGX

This latest addition to the StormVue NGX suite is a mobile friendly, clean HTML5/Javascript application that will run smoothly in all modern web browsers and all platforms, desktop and mobile alike, thanks to the third-party Leaflet.js mapping library.



StormStation 5 NGX strike markers are clickable icons. Clicking on a marker will bring up a pop-up containing characteristics data for that particular strike event.


Statistical graphs shows the past development of lightning activity as well as current trend.


The presentation of statistics as well as strike characteristics information will differ slightly if using Boltek LD-250 contra the StormTracker or LD-350. This is because of the inability to classify strike types with the LD-250.


For improved responsiveness and a less cluttered display, StormStation 5 NGX will cluster strike markers into groups at higher zoom levels. There are three different cluster marker colors where the color is related to the number of strikes in that particular cluster.



0-9 strikes = Blue cluster marker

10-99 strikes = Orange cluster marker

100+ strikes = Yellow cluster marker


StormStation 5 NGX background maps are hosted by open map providers and there are many map styles to choose from. In the default configuration we have included 10 providers but it is easy to add more if needed.


Configuration of the StormStation 5 NGX application is easily done by editing a JSON format file and changing a few parameters. Once again we recommend using Notepad++ ( for all types of configuration work.