StormVue NGX suite - Overview


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The StormVue NGX suite consists of three applications; The NGX Data server for Windows desktop, StormVue NGX data viewer and StormStation 5 NGX data viewer.


The NGX Data server is a NexStorm add-on application that can capture real-time lightning data over NexStorm inter-process communications channels. This data is then passed on to the Internet, Intranet or a shared network disk using FTP uploads or file copy. NGX Data server runs on the same PC where you have your NexStorm and Boltek lightning detector installed. A continuous FTP connection ensures that the online lightning data is refreshed as frequently as every 4 seconds with minimal overhead.


NGX Data server has additional optional features such as e-mail and Telegram messenger alerts and all clear messages based on an independently operating close strike alarm, data storage to SQL database files, exporting JSON formatted real-time data as well as option to interface with and send data to external hardware. The latter makes it possible for hobbyists and professionals alike to build custom electronics that can perform various tasks such as activating a close strike siren, turn on warning lights and much, much more.



StormVue NGX is an Adobe Flash application that runs locally on your PC or in any web browser with the Adobe Flash player plug-in installed. The StormVue NGX package does not require any type of server side scripting such as PHP or ASP.Net.


StormVue NGX is interactive. It enables your web site viewers to configure it to their own liking. Each user can set their own personalized lightning or storm alarm, run the replay, zoom the map, view system and storm tracking information in windows, change the amount of historical data shown, or turn user interface sounds on and off. Some settings are even saved so that the next visit does not require the user to reconfigure his settings.



For those preferring not to rely on Adobe Flash we have also included StormStation 5 NGX, This is a pure HTML5/Javascript application that will work great in all modern browsers, including those found on most types of smart phones. StormStation 5 NGX utilizes the open source Leaflet mapping library as well as open map data providers for background maps. Several map providers are pre-configured in the package but more can be added easily by editing one file. Although not as feature rich as StormVue NGX, StormStation 5 NGX is still an excellent option for online real-time monitoring of NexStorm data.


The StormVue NGX suite is the optimal solution for single sensor online real-time lightning monitoring and analysis.