StormVue V3

StormVue version 3 is the next generation of our Windows desktop extension and web display client for live online NexStorm lightning data. StormVue V3 is installed side-by-side with existing StormVue NGX installation and is offered as a free upgrade to existing StormVue customers.


If you have used StormVue NGX Data Server before, the Data Server V3 Windows desktop software will look very familiar with all of the features in the previous versions still in place.


Two key differences are than an additional upload option has be added, PHP script which can substitute FTP, and that all lightning data exports to the web are now implicitly formatted as JSON.


With the demise of Adobe Flash, StormVue GEN-3 is replacing the old Flash based StormVue NGX applet as the main lightning display client. StormVue GEN-3 is clean Javascript, includes sounds and close lightning alarm and also utilizes latest advances in web technology, in particular WebGL for hardware accelerated graphics. This provides for an unprecedentedly smooth user experience on modern computers and in modern web browsers.



You can try out the StormVue GEN-3 interface on our official demo page:


Hop over to here to migrate your existing StormVue NGX Adobe Flash web page to StormVue GEN-3.


A complete feature overview is available on the product page.


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